Tresco International (Aust) Pty Ltd

"Process Control Solutions"

We specialise in tailoring control systems to your requirements


has had many years of practical experience in the configuration, installation and maintenance of process control systems and process online analysers - primarily for petrochemical applications involving hazardous area systems.

Tresco began operation in 1989, specialising in Industrial Gas Analyser repairs & PLC programming. Part of our original workload was to look after maintenance of gas analysers and PLC control systems on various production plants around Victoria. This load has steadily increased to now include the following activities:

- repairs, maintenance, consultation, installation
- NDIR, FID, TDC, Paramagnetic, Chromatograph GC
- CO2, CO, CH4, N2, O2, Ar, H2, HCs, NOx, SO2
- 'in house' fabrication of parts for obsolete analysers
- analyser interfacing & networking: VistaNET
- ABB, Anacon, Ametek, Beckman, Benke, Byron, Controle Analytique, Cussons, Daniels, Delta F, Doric, Emerson, Foxboro, Hartmann & Braun, Hone, Horiba, Kent, MCM, Micromotion, MSA, Oldham, Panametrics, Pye, Riken, Rosemount, Sarasota, Siemens, Servomex, Signal, Solatron, Shaw, Shimatzu, Taylor, Teledyne, Thermo Electron, Thermox, Tracor, Uniloc

SCADA/Control/PLC Systems:
- Repairs, Maintenance, Upgrades, Installations
- Programming, Licensing, Networking
- Custom interfacing, comms
- Data & Program backups
- PLCs: Siemens TI545, Idec Izumi, GE Fanuc
- OPC, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, RS242, RS485, Fibre Optic
- Citect, Wonderware - system configuration
- Control PCs - selection & installation

UPS's, Power Supplies & General Electronics:
- Repairs, Maintenance, Installations
- Design & construction of custom circuits & PCBs

Process Instrumentation:
- Fault Tracing, Repairs
- Process control strategies, PID loop tuning
- Hazardous Area Installations
- EXd, EXe, EXi, EXp, EXv
- Hazardous Area Dossiers
- Installation
- Commissioning

On-call after hours breakdown repairs

Location & contact details:
Tresco International (Aust) Pty Ltd
PO Box 558, Mount Evelyn
Victoria, Australia, 3796

Phone: +61 (3) 9737 9079
Fax:     +61 (3) 9737 9969


Phil McKay, Brad Trimmer